Emergent Order

A video was recently brought to my attention about the beauty of emergent order. I am a big believer in the magic of chaos and that people can peacefully coexist without interfering into others lives. When I aim to help someone, I make sure the help is welcome and wanted. When I need help I am not afraid of asking for it. I realize that if I don’t, I may not get it, and if I get it anyways it will likely not be of much use. At least, things generally go smoother when there is clear communication about what I really need and exactly where I’m at. The same goes for the other way around. In assisting others, doing a job for someone, or anything of that nature it is important that mutualism is maintained.

All of the above is not of much importance compared to the powerful message the video conveys. Something I, like most, struggle to put into words. Emergent order and the wonder of how we can work together, in sync, without micromanagement, but simply by understanding one other and working towards the common goal of betterment.

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