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Ethan Glover

I have always had a major interest in computers and using them to make my life and the lives of others better. I aspire to be and work to be what is called a “T-Shaped Man”. As the Art of Manliness puts it,

A T-shaped man has depth of knowledge in one specific area (represented by the vertical stroke of the T), and a broad knowledge across multiple disciplines (represented by the horizontal stroke of the T).

I am working to create mastery in digital/inbound marketing, but I recognize that a broad depth of knowledge is helpful in not only achieving that but seeing other perspectives. Marketing is a broad field that can help any person and any profession. Being able to see the needs of others and see things from their point of view, and being able to create understanding conversation is, I think, a necessary component in being a successful marketer. I want to be able to look at problems from various perspectives and be able to learn and adapt as the future evolves and changes. The way we handle problems and see the world around us will inevitably change with time, and I hope to stay on top of things through the years.

As my goals and aspirations change over the years, I have always kept one. To use computers and software to make the lives of others easier, more efficient, and better. I am currently most interested in search engine optimization and using my knowledge of web development to get websites and their causes or products found.

My goal is to find a career that I can work in and enjoy while helping others achieve their own goals, plans or strategies. I’d like to see more uses for computers, and I believe that we have not begun to scratch the surface on what they can do for us, so I am always interested in seeing new theories and applications in digital marketing.

As a child, my father helped me set up a website that mostly consisted of pictures of favorite animals. As I grew up, I developed an interest in seeing what computers can do and followed magazines like Popular Science. I experimented with website building while in the Army, and continue to do so today. I generally learn visually, but think technically, so I tend to concentrate on functionality over design.

Through the years, I’ve faced a lot of challenges such as being put into a unit in the Army as the only Signal Systems person and being expected to repair and maintain the communication and targeting systems of more than 30 vehicles. I had to learn quickly and did not have time for “mastery”, but I did my best and utilized the limited sources I had to keep things going as well as possible. Despite a highly stressful time, my survival of it made me stronger, and because of it I always look to be prepared for any situation that may pop up.

Experience • Education


SEO/Digital Marketing Specialist
Shipping/Receiving Clerk, Laborer
Signal Systems Support Specialist
Race Track Assistant

SEO/Digital Marketing Specialist

One Spirit One World

  • Developed strategic and logical implementation of SEO strategies to drastically increase traffic and revenues.
  • Developed strategic link building & regular back links profile auditing.
  • Provided monthly analytics and rankings reporting.
  • Used the internet to advertize brands and promotional events using SEO, websites, articles and market research.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with project managers, lead developers & designers adhering to all project timelines, while maintaining quality and delivering the best results for clients.
  • Offered online strategy consultation based on client analytics to create and improve processes and systems to maximize campaign effectiveness.

Shipping/Receiving Clerk, Laborer

University of Central Missouri


University of Central Missouri

  • Effectively contributed to accurate categorization and classification while receiving incoming books and merchandise for the store, checking them for quality and quantity and giving them price tags.
  • Demonstrated excellent vendor relations with a proven ability to scan SKUs and UPC codes and send out damaged books and merchandise to original sender for replacement.
  • Directly responsible for expediting stock merchandise, filling orders from the online store, packaging and sending out ordered products to customers.
  • Displayed outstanding interpersonal abilities on a day to day basis while addressing patrons with informative, helpful and friendly communication and assisting customers in locating and selecting merchandise.

The Story

Signal Systems Support Specialist

U.S. Army

U.S. Army

U.S. Army

  • Consistently performed all requirements regarding the overall operations of selected electronic devices, responsible for installation, operation and maintenance of radio and data distribution systems; ensured all orders were completed on time and met U.S. Army standards.
  • Exceeded expectations providing comprehensive support and training for user-owned and operated automated telecommunication computer systems.
  • Demonstrated outstanding technical expertise on numerous projects including technical assistance and training for local area networks and routers, signal communications and offering support for satellite radio and communications equipment functions. Installed, maintained and conducted troubleshooting measures on terminal devices.
  • Operated and performed proactive preventive maintenance checks and services on assigned vehicles and power generators.
  • Received; Army Commendation Medal, Warrior Leaders Course Completion, Army Certificate of Achievement

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Race Track Assistant

R.J. Motorsports

  • Successfully completed routine tasks necessary to maintain a well-groomed appearance of the track through watering, ensuring proper functionality of the race area.
  • Maintained safety and security by performing all flagging duties during race accidents and clearing of debris, resulting in fewer injuries and overall smoother track operations.
  • Demonstrated excellent customer service to co-workers and track patrons at all times, consistently conducting himself in a professional manner.

The Story


University of Central Missouri

University of Central Missouri

Computer Science

  • Computer Programming I – An introduction to software design and methodology using the Java programming language. Topics included elementary programming, selections, loops, methods, array and fundamental algorithms.
  • Computer Programming II – Topics include object-oriented software design methodologies such as classes, objects, string and text I/O, inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, GUI basics, graphics, and event-driven programming.
  • Data Structures – An introduction to data representations and information structures including a variety of non-numerical algorithms and their applications, linear lists, arrays, trees, multilinked structures and dynamic storage allocation are investigated.
  • C & Unix Systems Programming – An introduction of C and UNIX system programming. Topics include all fundamentals of C and UNIX, with special emphasis on use of pointers, dynamic memory allocation, input and output, files and directories, and fundamental system programming.
  • Introduction to Computer Organization – Logical structure of digital computers: representation of information, addressing mechanisms, storage and peripheral hardware, combinational and sequential logic design, assembly and system programming.
  • Computer Architecture – Design alternatives in computer architecture including instruction set architectures, memory subsystem organization, interfacing concepts, interprocessor communication, datapath and control of a processor, and pipelining.
  • Algorithm Design and Analysis – Techniques needed to analyze algorithms. The application of these techniques to topics such as sorting, graph algorithms, fast Fourier transforms, dynamic programming, and NP-completeness.


  • google analytics certified

    Analytics Certified

    Google Analytics – Advanced Google Analytics concepts. Planning, principles, implementation, data collection, configuration, administration, conversion, attribution, reports, metrics, and dimensions.

  • Inbound – “The content spans the entire Inbound Methodology from how to attract visitors with content and website optimization, to how to convert visitors into leads, close leads into customers and then delight those customers into promoters. Each class covers the high-level best practices and fundamentals of these individual components of the methodology.”

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