Liberty Resource Directory (Update)

I’ve finally finished updating the Liberty Resource Directory. Here’s a summary of what I’ve done:

  1. The site has been moved from its own domain name to this Github site. This allows me free hosting and it allows me to keep LRD updated easier. In the future, there will be a “Projects” link in the sidebar of this site. For now, LRD will be listed in the “Blogs” section.
  2. I made LRD mobile friendly. Open the site up and resize your browser window. See how the tables drop under one another based on the browser size? Yeah, I thought that was cool too.
  3. The ‘People’ section has been rebuilt from the original design. It is now organized by letter rather than all being under one section. This makes finding the pages of the people you’re looking for a much easier and faster process.
  4. Many new sites have been added (listed below) and I’ll make sure to post updates here on the site in time. Updates will be posted with LRD in the projects section once it is built.
  5. I’ve obtained a sponsor! I plan on adding sponsors to each page, something relevant and worthwhile that is located on the bottom of the footer.

New Sponsor

Shotokan Warrior Way
A local karate dojo in Holden, Missouri owned and coached by Jason Copple.

New Sites

Bad Business

Lucy Phone
Don’t feel like waiting on hold when you’re trying to contact a company? Give Lucy a call and she’ll wait for you!


Tribe Sports
An apparel company, yes. But also a good way to track and share your activities with a large community.


I really love finding tools like this. You can buy from many online stores through Ziggedy and they’ll donate to the cause of your choice at no extra cost. There’s no excuse not to use it.


Blue Apron
One of Joe Rogan’s new sponsors, Blue Apron allows you to order both ingredients and cooking instructions for good, healthy meals.
Nature Box
Another Joe Rogan sponsor that sends you healthy snacks (the site gives recipes) to you every month. You can even set things up so the snacks are a random surprise based on your tastes and ratings of past snacks. (It’s Netflix for healthy snacks!)

(Learn) Other

Draw 23
Drawing is a great general skill and can help you obtain an appreciation of art. So why not pick it up? Draw 23 will make it easy.
Teach Me Anatomy
If you’re itching to learn more about the human body, this is the place to go.


Printable Paper
Graph paper, college ruled, budget templates, if you can print it, they’ve got it.
Warranty Genius
An online way to keep track of warranties and help you with any claims on any product.

Man Made Global Warming – Against

The Real Science Behind Changing Climate, L.K. Samuels
A great article on the history and controversy of the science in this convoluted and overly political subject.


Study Geek
PhD experts will help you with your math homework! The site offers both free tutorials and paid homework review.


Good Films
Find, rate and share movies found on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.
A search engine for good movies found on Netflix and Amazon Prime.


Mortgage Hippo
A fantastic service. This website will help you and walk you through the mortgage process in buying a new house which could otherwise be a complicated and messy process.

Moving Abroad

Good Country Index
An interesting rating index that rates on how “good” countries are based on aggression vs. humanitarianism.


Online guitar lessons that scores you as you play along.
Music Festival Nation
Finally, the first concert based music source for LRD. This is a great way to find music festivals and their dates going on all around the world.


The Tim Ferriss Show
I’ve been a big fan of Ferriss for a very long time and as I’ve listened to this show I’ve heard his interviewing skills get better and better. There’s tons of interesting things to be heard and learned from this podcast.


Can I Use?
This is a great site to help make sure web development elements will work with different versions of web browsers. (Always make sure as many people as possible will have no problems with your site.)
A beautiful and easy to use website for finding the HTML code for ASCII characters.
If you’re building a website from scratch (as this one was) make sure to include this bit of code in your head section in order to ensure that users of Internet Explorer don’t have problems with your site.
Special Characters
HTML codes for various special characters.
Along with verifying your HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc., always make sure to verify your site for accessibility features. You can do that here.


A reputation tracker that could be useful. This site will basically verify your identity through a ton of websites and social networks from eBay to Facebook. Your profile can then act as an online ID.


A research tool for different cities and countries with factors like cost of living, traffic and pollution.

Ron Paul

Voices of Liberty
The new extension from the Ron Paul Channel. Articles, audio recordings of those articles, and user submitted stories. This is a community driven online newspaper.


Bill Fixers
A great way to cut down your bills. They’ll call up your providers for you and negotiate your bills down to a better price.


Like Hootsuite and Buffer this is a service to universally post to, reply to and read through all of your social networks.


An easy way to publicly share PDF’s without them being locked behind paid or ad based services. Check out the bulleted features on the homepage, this really is a great service.


Flyte Now
Uber for the air! Yes, you can find local and private pilots who can give you a ride for a fraction of the cost of flying through a retail airliner.
Route Happy
Search for flights based on their happiness level. Ratings are based on comfort, entertainment and other amenities making for happier flights.
A great way to rent outdoor equipment from outdoors enthusiasts. Why by a tent when you only go on trips once a year? Or, list your outdoors gear to make a little extra cash!

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