'Like it or not, we have placed our destiny in the hands of the experts. A politician is, after all, a kind of expert, if self-styled. Even the fact that competent experts must serve under politicians of mediocre intelligence and little foresight is a problem that we are stuck with, because the experts themselves cannot agree on any major world issue. A logocracy of quarreling experts might be no better than the rule of the mediocrities to which we are subject. The declining intellectual quality of political leadership is the result of the growing complexity of the world. Since no one, be he endowed with the highest wisdom, can grasp it in its entirety, it is those who are least bothered by this who strive for power.' -Stanislaw Lem

Shipping/Receiving Clerk, Laborer

While attending the University of Central Missouri, I worked as a Shipping/Receiving clerk. I consider this to be my first real job because my job with the motocross track was not an every day and sometimes not even an every weekend thing. The Army taught me a lot, but I believe its benefits only go so far. As a Shipping/Receiving clerk, I had an everyday job that had to be done within a specific time frame. With both the military and the motocross track I had to do jobs into the night and miss out on sleep, with the UCM bookstore, this was not an option. So I learned about consistent and regular work and sticking to specific time frames. Even if that means more books are coming in, and there is more work to do, it simply meant, find a way to get it done. And I did, we worked well as a team in our small area, and I was able to learn more about cooperation and teamwork. As well as learning to find ways to help others in their tasks while seeking help for my own when necessary.

I also worked during the summer as a laborer. My job was to clean up, organize, and move around items and furniture for new offices being built. I worked on my own on this job and had a lot of autonomy in figuring out how things should work. This was my first real opportunity to work by myself and make a lot of decisions as to where priorities should lie. The results, I was able to work faster and more efficiently than was expected of me. This allowed me to gain confidence in my own decision-making and job management skills.

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