Personally, I Dislike Facebook

From: The Newsroom, Contempt, Season 3 Episode 4

Jim: I don’t care about the invasion of privacy, although I wish I did. I’ve been here for hours, trying to convince myself it was an invasion of privacy, and the crowd would be on my side, that’s a no brainer. … It took five fucking days Halley for you to give yourself your own reality show.

Halley: Do you mind if I tell you something? Your problem isn’t with me, and it isn’t with the site. It’s with the audience. You don’t like that they like what they like because you need them to like you, and that’s no different than…

Jim: I don’t give a shit about me or ‘liking’ me, or ‘following’ me, or ‘friending’ me or trending. It’s just ugly.

Halley: I think you’re threatened by technology.

Jim: I beam a signal into outer space every night; I’m not scared of your Samsung Galaxy, what else you got?

Halley: I want to be a part of the digital revolution! I want to be part of…

Jim: Oh my god, I am not talking about the apparatus! … Just tell me you know I’m right, please. Please. At least tell me that. Tell me when you knock away the digital revolution bullshit. “We are not beholden to corporate masters!” Yeah, or any standard of good taste. Tell me please, you know all you did was have a fight with your boyfriend and litigate it in public. Because I have spent time with hardcore drug movers and they don’t pretend they’re selling medicine.

That Sums It Up

On a professional level, I understand the power of “social media.” I get how it can have an enormous impact on exposure for a company or cause. But honestly, I don’t get how this can be considered “social.” I’d sooner call “social media,” “advertising.”

I recently returned to Facebook after a long hiatus. Not by choice, but for an SEO job. I don’t personally want to be on that site. The video above, may not be about social networks exactly, but it illustrates my thoughts on it pretty well.

The video was talking about modern “news sites” like BuzzFeed. Jim, who killed it in this video, he says that these things are just… ugly. He’s not afraid of technology, nor am I. I’m studying computer science, I love technology to death. Social networks are a good idea, but they’re a total letdown and a complete waste of time.

When I log on to Facebook, all I see are these short little snippets that people post to their “walls” and some advertisements for some pages I’ve liked. It just doesn’t make sense; this is not socializing. There’s nothing social about this. People always say they have a Facebook account in order to keep up with family and friends, but I’m seriously skeptical of those claims. Are you actually keeping “up to date?” Or are you simply a member of your own reality show? Commenting on the links that people posted whom you knew once?

I think there is a lot of people on these sites who don’t even talk to each other. They just read each other’s posts, give it a like and maybe a little comment. This is the sort of cheap communication that has been around for a while, but this is the ultimate incarnation of how disconnected people can be with on another while still remaining ‘connected.’

If we take this to Stefan Molyneux’s philosophy, it’s worth mentioning that you really shouldn’t just be with people because they are family. You have to surround yourself with legitimately good people who will actually be there for you to help you out in the rough times. People you can actually talk to about your deepest, darkest secrets and troubles and problems and thoughts. That’s not something I get from the kind of people who find value in a site like Facebook.

I don’t see any possible way to have a real conversation through Facebook chat or somebodies wall. Of course, there are people who are friends on Facebook and real friends (in the Molyneux sense). But for the most part, it’s just a fake numbers game of sharing each other’s posts, and it’s all very…. ugly.

While I suppose I will maintain my Facebook account, I have to separate myself from it. It just doesn’t make sense to spend your time on that site. It’s like playing Candy Crush. Hopefully, people realize that there are so many things they can be doing with their time. We live in the age of information where you can access and learn almost anything you could imagine.

There are people in real life who could be your actual friends. Why would you ever want to have a Facebook account when you have things like e-mail and text to keep in touch? I get that Facebook is a central place for things; that’s the problem. Once you mix in the walls, games, pages, likes, shares, etc., the whole thing becomes pointless. Worthless even.

Quite frankly, I’m a little bit disturbed every time I log into Facebook and look at that news feed. Even now, when I’ve only just begun again with a few initial ‘friends.’ I look forward to the day when Facebook, Google+ and Twitter go out of style. Maybe one day, people will understand what things like ‘social’ and even ‘love’ mean. It’ll be a day when we don’t need these cheap, ugly, dirty versions of so-called “socialization.”

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