Race Track Assistant

midwest extreme park

R.J. Motocross

My first job was working amateur motocross tracks in high school. It was definitely the toughest and most physically draining job I’ve ever held. We often had to drive long distances across the state and stay at the track all weekend when working. Our job was to water the tracks before the races to make sure that they weren’t too dry so as to cause too much dust and not too wet so that they weren’t too slippery for the riders. (Kind of an art really.) During the races each of us who worked at the track were assigned a hill or jump and if there was a wreck or fallen rider on one end it was our responsibility to flag the others to slow them down. This job sounds simple, and I suppose it was, but dragging fire hoses around all day in the hot sun with no shade isn’t fun! Nevertheless I gained a lot from the experience, and I always think back to that job and think that if I could do that, and enjoy it no less, I can handle anything that is thrown at me. This is where I developed skills in handling the workplace and being able to handle high demands.

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