Soylent Day 1: First Taste

After months of waiting and anticipating, I’ve finally received my one-week supply of Soylent. If you haven’t heard of this, it is a drink that contains all the nutrition the average human needs. In other words, you can safely consume only Soylent (as shown by its early adopters and the science) for the low price of $1.01 per meal, or $3.03 per day. Pretty cool right? Except, there is, of course, a lot of skepticism around Soylent and its plausibility. There are plenty of blogs out there with people blogging their experiences with it, but I figured I might add mine to the pile. For the next 7-8 days, I’ll be consuming primarily Soylent and logging my results here.

While my meals will consist of Soylent there are a few rules that I’ve set for myself that are worth mentioning.

  1. My first day (today) will consist only of one Soylent meal which is 500mL. Tomorrow I will drink two meals and the next day I will fully transition into three.
  2. Because I’ve recently become a fan of the app/website HabitRPG, I will still consume Mountain Dew. A weird minor detail yes, but that addictive soda has effectively acted as my reward for sticking to my good habits such as exercise and meditation, and I don’t intend on stopping that.
  3. I have two subscriptions, one to NatureBox and another to Exo. I love these products, and I will continue to consume my NatureBox snacks and Exo protein bars.

That’s it. Nothing that should ruin the “experiment.” Effectively making it through 7 days to a satisfactory level should act as evidence for Soylent as a plausible alternative to food, even with those rules/exceptions in place.


soylent boxes

So, enough of the boring details. As I type this, I am finishing my first Soylent meal. I followed the instructions mixing the drink as exact as possible (it depends on pictures rather than measurements) and it seems I’ve watered it down too much. How much you water down the powder is totally up to you and filling the included pitcher to its top seems to be a maximum.

As for the taste of the drink itself, it’s a bit chalky and a little bit oaty. It’s not gross, and you can quickly become used to it. The first sip for me was an odd but almost pleasant surprise and by the second my taste buds already accepted the concoction as normal. It’s not delicious, but it shouldn’t have you gagging unless you have a serious problem with new foods.

But the real question is, “Is it filling?” As I’ve just finished the last drop, I feel fine. (I was hungry before drinking.) How long before I’m hungry again remains to be seen. I’m notorious about needing snacks late in the evening, and it hurts my ability to maintain a healthy weight. I will have to speak more on this tomorrow.

For now, I’ll simply mark Day 1 as a success, and I look forward to finding out just how much of an alternative to food Soylent is.

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