Soylent Day 2: Getting My Fill

Minor Details

First of all, I apologize for the late post. I’m writing this Day 2 blog close to the end of Day 3. Lately I’ve been running into a time suck on Saturday’s and I’m working on getting rid of the obstacle. Also, sometimes when you’re dealing with low-quality satellite internet limited to 250MB a day, it’s impossible to get any work done. It’s very frustrating, and I am working on escaping from this environment full of interruptions and archaic communication infrastructures.

Enough of my complaining, this blog may or may not go out today but I do hope to get everything at the very least written today so that I may get it all uploaded and published in time.

Yesterday I mentioned that I’ve set a few rules/exceptions for myself with the 7 days of Soylent. In hindsight, I realized there are a few other things that may not be worth mentioning, but then again might be. First of all, I take two supplements. Alpha Brain and New Mood. These two items help me with school and staying on different tasks afterwards. Second, the exercises I currently do are only sit-ups and kettlebell lifts. Nothing of great amount, I only mention this because I will also be including my weight in each post. I want to make sure that people know that any loss/gain may not be entirely due to the Soylent.

I generally weigh myself in the evenings (because I remember to get small tasks done better at this time). So the weight posted for each day is from the end of the previous. The weight posted below (as noted) is my weight from the end of Day 1.

The Update

Weight at end of Day 1: 183.7lbs.

Day 2 consisted of two Soylent meals for breakfast and lunch. At the end of the day, I ate my final meal for the next week. By the time I made it to dinner, I again felt fine and wasn’t craving anything. In fact, it was only after eating that I felt like going for seconds and snacking later in the night. Maybe pork sandwiches will fill your belly, but that apparently doesn’t last for very long.

Soylent, on the other hand, seemed to put me in an easy place where I wasn’t full to the point of feeling it, but I wasn’t hungry throughout the day.

I’ve also started to look forward to the taste of Soylent. As noted on Day 1, you get used to the different taste very quickly. By the end of Day 2 I’m enjoying the taste.

From these two things I feel like Soylent is not only nutritionally complete, but has a perfect kind of taste that is ‘good enough.’ That is; it’s subtle enough that it can be consumed in the long term without it becoming boring.

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