Ten Cool Sites #11

Liberty Resource Directory

Liberty Resource Directory

I’ve been putting off the new Ten Cool Sites for too long. I’ve almost collected enough sites for two posts. For that reason, I may have two new lists with only a small amount of time in between them.

For this version, I’ve got a few tools and services for your website that goes beyond SEO and marketing. (The subject of the last two cool site lists.)

1. Cached View - As I’ve mentioned before, rewriting articles with broken links can be a great way to build backlinks and develop relationships in your industry. This site allows you to search old, deleted articles on Google Cache, Coral and Archive.org all in one place.

2. Cheezburger Builder - Definitely the easiest and most straightforward meme generator on the internet. Upload a picture, add some text and download. Easy as that.

3. Golden Ratio Typography Calculator - If you’re not sure which font you want to use for your website, this is your tool. It will have your website looking beautiful and easy to read with little to no effort.

4. Mobile-Friendly Test - Is your website optimized for mobile? You can find out with this Google tool. This is one of the most important things to put on your to-do list for your site if you haven’t already done it.

5. RefMe - I hate using the Owl Purdue reference generator. The way it has to load a new page for every click and fails to collect obvious information are major annoyances. RefMe fixes all that and even allows you to save your references.

6. Rev - Audio/video transcription and document translations. I’ve looked around and transcription can be expensive. Rev makes it cheap at a buck per minute. You probably won’t find a better deal even if you used Fiverr.

7. Similar Site Search - Considering I’ve put together a curated web directory, it’s obvious that I can appreciate search engines that do more than just general search. This site concentrates on finding alternatives to others and does a great job of interpreting user intent to find what kind of alternative you’re looking for.

8. Speechpad – Along with audio/video transcription this service will also do subtitling and closed captioning. Like Rev, it’s cheap, and it has a proven reputation for quality.

9. Stephanie Murphy - Along with adding the sites here to LRD, I’ll be adding Stephanie (and her sites) to the people section. Coincidentally, she does professional voice overs at SM Voice. She’s been a host on popular shows like Let’s Talk Bitcoin and has even voiced audiobooks.

10. The Merchants of Smear - The arguments section is a long neglected portion of LRD. But for good reasons. The arguments listed there are good enough to help people get started with their research. And, because I don’t really care about it anymore. Still, this article on global warming was beyond impressive. It debunks so many myths about “climate change” that I had to add it.

You can find these sites and many others at Liberty Resource Directory.

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