Ten Cool Sites #12

Liberty Resource Directory

Liberty Resource Directory

I have many different sites for this edition. Email, SEO, job search, podcasting, you name it. Let’s get straight to the list.

  1. 11 Libertarians Who are Making a Difference – I’ll be adding the people listed on this article in the People Section of Liberty Resource Directory if they’re not already there. This is a list of activists who are taking real actions and making a real difference in the world.
  2. Cite This for Me – In Ten Cool Sites #11, I referenced RefMe as a great citation generator, much better than Owl Purdue. Well this tool is even better than that. This is honestly the best one I’ve ever come across.
  3. Conspire – If you’re trying to get in contact with someone famous, someone at a particular business or even an interviewer, this could be a great tool. It allows you to find out how far away you are from someone in terms of connections. It may be a perfect way to find a way to be introduced or put into contact.
  4. FeenPhone – Open source audio recording software that’s better than Skype or professional equipment. Talking to someone remotely with this software will literally make it sound like you’re both in the same room.
  5. Google Analytics URL Builder – If you’re linking to your sites on social networks and email campaigns (and you should be), you might want to keep track of how many people are clicking on specific links. This tool will allow you to add modifiers to the URL so that Google Analytics will be able to organize traffic by which specific campaigns people came from.
  6. Helmets to Hard Hats – If you’ve left the military early in the interest of finding a regular job. I applaud you. It’s the right thing to do. There are many great resources dedicated to helping veterans find jobs that accept ex-military members and this is worth adding to the list.
  7. Open Food Facts – Nutrition is a difficult thing to fully understand. It’s hard to know how healthy things truly are. This site uses the QR scanners found in modern smart phones and a Wikipedia style organization system that puts together facts about different food items. It’s a great service and I’m really impressed by the idea and implementation.
  8. SerpState – This keyword research tool is amazing for two reasons. It’s very quick speed. And the “only questions” option. Part of writing a blog is about answering questions. If you know the questions searchers are asking, you’re on the path to getting ranked.
  9. vCard Generator – This tool is what I used for the QR code on my contact page. It’s an easy way to share your contact details that can be added to a website or even business card.
  10. Voila Norbert – Like Conspire, this service allows you to find the contact details of someone. Its unique feature is searching through a domain to find the contact details for a particular person who is associated with that website.

You can find these sites and many (many) others at Liberty Resource Directory.

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    OpenFoodFacts contributor here. Thank you very much for your kind words Ethan. It is very much appreciated.

  • http://ethanglover.biz/ Ethan Glover

    No problem, thanks for the amazing resource!

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    Nice one Ethan. Thanks so much

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