'Politics is not the art of the possible. It consists in choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable' -John Kenneth Galbraith

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The Image Problem and Its Solution
Libertarianism, without a doubt, has an image problem. I identify that problem and provide a solution through science and proven knowledge.
The Crying Nazi: A Sordid Retrospective
The true story of Christopher Cantwell, the Crying Nazi. Liar, drunk, and sociopathic criminal.
Is Bitcoin a Failure?
Russo's glaring point remains, Bitcoin has created a class hierarchy divided by computational power. The cryptocurrency as is can not deliver on its promises.
Why I Left NH Regional CopBlock
I helped grow NH Regional CopBlock by 900% in YouTube subscriptions, but I couldn't stand to be around any longer.
Ten Cool Sites #14
The fourteenth edition of the Ten Cool Sites series. Get help with memorization. Ask a supercomputer what you should cook. And more.
Debunking and Skepticism
The results of me looking into different subjects surrounded by controversy and bias. Let me know what you think about each one.
Personal Political Views
My personal political views on a variety of topics listed. While these may not necessarily represent me today, I'm still open for discussion.
Responses to Opinion
The responses I've made to articles written by others, answers to questions I've asked, and criticisms made by others.